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Halloween 2006

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 The Butcher of Belford


The Butcher Tombstone.jpg
It was a beautiful, fall day thirty years ago when a deranged individual unleashed a horrible killing spree upon a small New Jersey community just as the nation was catching its collective breath from a dizzying summer bicentennial celebration.  The gruesome tale of carnage and mayhem hurled Belford into national prominence as news of the Halloween serial killings surfaced. 
This grotesque story of slaughter, massacre, and, carnage recounts the conduct of a recluse named Vladimir Dracula Imre, the Butcher of Belford, and the torture, terror, and, slaughter that he executed upon the small community over a twenty-four hour period.  To this day, it goes beyond comprehension that such sick, demented acts could be committed in such a quiet neighborhood.

As best as the authorities could determine, it all began on Mischief Night or sometime in the early morning hours of Sunday, October 31, 1976 when the butcher slaughtered his first two victims along the abandoned Central New Jersey Railroad right-of-way between Main Street and East Road.  What would follow was the massacre of two other teens, a sailor, and an elderly couple in their small home on Ridge Avenue.  The gruesome trail of murder and clues led police to Imre several days later when he was captured and incarcerated.  After a short trial, Imre was convicted of the heinous crimes and sentenced to death by electric chair.  Ironically, the date of the butcher’s own execution was October 31, 1981, the fifth anniversary of his atrocious crimes.

It has been thirty years since the killing rampage occurred in the quiet community of Belford and twenty-five years since the execution of the Butcher.  Life has moved forward and to this day the community remembers and mourns the innocent of that horrible Halloween day.  It is said that the ghost of the Butcher and those killed still lurk.  Some residents have reported strange sounds and apparitions every Halloween, many of which are located at the abandoned Rott home.  

Yesterday morning, October 30, police received a report of a disturbed burial plot at the local cemetery.  The grave reported was that of the butcher, Vladimir Dracula Imre.  After a close investigation, the remains of Imre had been removed from his final resting place.  What was extremely puzzling was the fact that the ground did not appear to have been disturbed by a tool of any kind.  It almost appeared that the earth had been removed from below, as if the tomb’s occupant had emerged from the grave.  Police dismissed the finding as vandalism and concluded the investigation.  What followed was a bizarre string of brutal killings; similar to those that had occurred in 1976.  The one-day rampage had left four teens dead and no leads as to who may have committed the crimes.  All four of the killings resembled the work of the Butcher thirty years earlier where each victim was brutally dismembered, but Imre was dead and could not have possibly committed the gruesome murders.  Some say that the butcher had risen on his 65th birthday to wreak havoc on the community once again.  Others say a local lunatic removed Imre’s remains, committed the crimes and then returned his body to the grave.  Regardless of which story you believe, it is apparent that someone, or something, has a score to settle with the community.  Clear the streets, and lock your doors and windows for the Butcher of Belford roams again looking for unsuspecting victims to satisfy his inborn need to kill.