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Halloween 2004

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The House on Ridge Avenue


The eerie sounds could be heard down the street as we approached the small single story estate.  A bluish figure could be seen from the street, floating in the attic as if trying to get out or perhaps warn us of the impending doom.  A chilling fog hugged the ground and an eerie green glow emanated from the area.  The windows of the house were boarded giving the appearance that the structure may be vacant, yet a glow oozed from within.  A sign was posted at the entrance stating “Enter at own Risk”.


An abandoned, disheveled cemetery, enclosed in a wrought iron fence with tiny skulls as finials, occupied the front yard of the estate and was carefully guarded by a wicked looking robed fellow.  He is standing near a tombstone pointing to the epitaph reading “2002 Halloween Vandal”.  Another stone not far away indicates that vandalism wound not be tolerated on the grounds as is evident by the inscription “Your Name Here”.  Who is this strange figure and why is he standing in the cemetery?  A closer look at the individual reveals that he is not from this earth, at least has not been for some time.  Does he guard the final resting place of the poor souls occupying the ground beneath or is he just waiting for more souls to arrive?  The odd epitaphs on the stones would suggest so. 


As we made our way up the sidewalk, another macabre scene began to unfold; it appears that a previous Halloween prankster has met a deadly fate.  A body, sitting against a large wooden crate bound by chains and stained with blood has had its head and left arm torn from the torso.  As we neared the crate for a closer look, it began to glow a reddish color and shake as if someone or something, inside was attempting to get out.  Green glowing eyes could be seen through the spaces in the wood, and grunting sounds could be heard coming from within as bloody fingers reached out in an attempt to grab us.  Lucky for us, the creature had been contained in the crate with a lock and chain, or was he?  What has happened at this site?  Has someone gone mad?  Could we be in danger if we proceed or, was it already too late?  Getting past the box, the front door was only a few feet away, up four steps to a porch that was covered in spider webs.  As we entered the porch, webs brushed against our heads and faces.  The eerie music and other assorted sounds were now much louder.  Was it meant to frighten and scare us away?

A knock upon the door was quickly answered by a gruesome man carrying candelabra.  He did not speak; he just gave us a blank stare.  This person has definitely seen better days.  He was clan in a black robe with a hood and cape.  His face and hands were without color and his eyes were darkened and baggie.  As we nervously pronounced trick or treat, he reached into a cauldron to retrieve a few mere morsels of candy to appease our spooky quest.  We noticed that the interior of the estate was aglow with candles and covered in cobwebs.  Several other spooky sites could be seen as well, including a coffin in the center of the room.  We were not anxious to find out if it was occupied or not and quickly stashed our goodies and started for the safety of the street.  Just then, a young girl emerged from the cemetery.  She was rather ghastly looking in a tattered robe and lifeless expression.  She appeared to be holding something that we could not readily identify.  Could it have been an arm, and, if so, who’s?

Out in the street, we accounted for our group and determined that all were safe.  Happy, we proceeded down the street to our next Halloween treat.