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Halloween 2005

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Night of the Killer Zombies


Beware all who enter this property for the dead have arisen and walk amongst you.  Attempt to secure your treats if you dare, but be ever watchful for the walking dead.  If they catch you they will kill you and feed off your warm flesh.

A developmental drug designed to treat the symptoms of certain deadly diseases has mysteriously appeared in the Ridge Cemetery and leaked into the earth.  This leak has caused the dead to rise and search for the living to satisfy their ghoulish appetite.  Dioxy 121 was intended to reverse the effects of deadly diseases, eventually curing patients for good.  Dioxy 121 did have minimal success in some experimental cases; however the testing indicated that large doses of the Dioxy would be required over an extended period of time.  Further testing and redevelopment would be needed.  Unfortunately for the manufacturer funding for the development was terminated before the drug could be refined. 

It is believed that the Dioxy 121 while somewhat effective in the treatment of the terminally ill interacted with the resting corpses and likely altered the cell structure in a manner that counteracted decay and increased longevity without normal requirements of air, water and energy.  Specifically, the Dioxy 121 interacted with the nervous system causing neurological stimulus within the brain and the bodies limbs thus effecting mobility and coordination of the muscles.  The reason for the carnivorous nature of the zombie is not known however since the neurological system is operating in it’s most basic form, it can be concluded that the system has reverted to a most natural instinct to hunt, kill and feed.  The human population being the most abundant became the easiest prey for the reanimated dead. 

It has been determined that a dead infected body will rise within a few hours unless the brain is destroyed therefore it is imperative to destroy those who have recently passed on.  It is also fact that a bite or scratch from an infected zombie would cause death to the subject and reanimation would occur after a few hours.

Heed this warning.  Save yourselves.  The killer zombies cannot eat what they cannot catch.


Can you survive the Night of the Killer Zombies?

Just a few of our “victims”
Click on each photo for a larger view.